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Prefix: l.
Created by: Leo;#2549
Short link: discord.ly/lovelyy
Lovelyy multilanguage and multiporpouse Discord Bot
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  • [x] multilanguage
  • [x] high quality music system

NOTE: nsfw commands only work on adult content channels


Usage Description
language change my language on your server
prefix change my prefix on your server
userinfo view member information
serverinfo view server information
roleinfo view role information
channelinfo view channel information
backupemojis transfer emojis from one server to another
ban ban a member of your server
kick kick a member of your server
clear delete messages from your server
unban unban an old member of your server
avatar see avatar of a discord user
blur see your image with blur effect
grey see your image with grey effect
negative see your image with negative effect
cvt see your image with convolute effect
sepia see your image with sepia effect
join enter the voice channel you are connected to
leave disconnect from voice channel
play play a song on the channel you are
stop to the current song and clear the playlist
skip skip current song
queue show current playlist from server
loop enable repeat mode on your server
pause pause the current song
resume keep playing the paused song]
seek choose music position in seconds
4k see porn 4k images
boobs see supper images
pussy see pussy images
anal see anal gifs / images
porngif see porn gifs
thigh see images of thighs
ass see ass pictures