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Prefix: x? (Customizable)
Created by: Lucky13#0013
Lucky13Music Tickety is a bot that create tickets in your server. You have a config command to set the category, supportrole!

Commands General x?help




x?prefix [new prefix]

Ticket x?ticket [topic] or x?new [topic]


x?rename [new name]

x?add [@user] [#ticket]

x?remove [@user] [#ticket]

Config You need to be the owner of the discord to set for the first time the config. When you set the support role and category, people with the supportrole can set the config also! x?config set supportrole [@role]

x?config set supportcategory [name of category]

Premium SOON If you have premium, you can add this command also. x?config set ticketname [number/username]

x?config set ticketmessage [message]