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A Discord Bot that revolves around anime, and MAI.

Mai - A Discord Bot Based Around Anime

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A multifunctional Discord Bot, written in Discord.js V12.3.1~

Check the docs on https://mai-san.ml/

Why should you invite Mai?

Mai is a simple yet powerful Discord Bot that aims to give discord users an enhanced “Discord Experience”. Mai provides a variety of fun and informative commands that you can use with your friends.

Mai can:

  • Spice up chat environment with the use of roleplay/action commands such as pat, hug, slap, and more!
  • Search through the internet for information resources through various functions such as anime information lookup (series, characters, and even seiyuus!), games (via steam), or even time on some cities.
  • Ease the work of moderators by managing the server through various single commands.
  • Provide Airing Information automagically, implement user experience system, as well as server-based economy system.
  • Acquire totally random fun facts from various sources Mai has access to.


You may invite Mai through https://invite.mai-san.ml.


If you have questions regarding the bot and it’s use, please do join our support server at https://support.mai-san.ml/.