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A rigid utility bot with unique features built to make server management easier on staff, with a couple quirky abilities

Mark can:

  • Track server activity and hand out tiers - m.tiers, m.bal, m.top
  • Clean up your pins by routing them to a channel - m.pins
  • Let members create a custom role with their own name and color - m.role
  • Enforce strict content filters on your server: - coming soon
    • Scan message content and image text to remove forbidden links - m.filter
    • Add an image to a server blacklist that prevents members from posting visually similar copies - m.imageban
  • And more - all so you and your staff don’t have to - m.help

Make Mark your right-hand man - Leverage the power of automation and significantly ease your staff workload.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.