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Bot for reading doujins and finding sauce
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The Mashiron Bot


A Bot i made to help bring anime/hentai fans together, this bot can avoid any restrictions your ISP Has set!

This bot has NSFW Commands/Please do not run/add this bot if you are not 18+ and willing to see NSFW content


  • Find Your Special Sauce with the Reverse image search commands.
  • Read that Sweet NSFW and easily see information about a doujin beforehand.
  • Run Fun Polls with your server.
  • Embed your messages in the chat
  • Moderation and More NSFW commands coming soon
  • (NSFW Commands can only be ran in NSFW Channels)


+nhentai <digits> | Get Information on nhentai doujins

+read <digits> | Read nhentai doujins

+sauce <image url> | Basic Sauce Search

+advanced <image url> | Advanced Sauce Search

+poll <question> | Create a sick poll!

+embed <message content> | Embed your message

+invite | Invite the bot to your server / Support Server

+help | Help Command with all the commands

Thanks for reading this far down, please consider adding the bot!

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