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Prefix: m!
Created by: mrbrickstar#2395
Short link: discord.ly/memebot
Just a simple Bot with memes and moderation

What is the MemeBot?

The Project “MemeBot” stared first as an try and error project. But now the Bot has a lot of features, so I decided to make him public


Syntax Description
-m!meme Sends one of 100 memes in your channel
-m!meme [number] Sends the meme with the specific number in the chat
-m!help Shows this message
m!sub Here you can submit your favorite Meme
-m!sup Shows the invite link to the Support Server.
-m!invite Sends the Invite Link for the Bot
-m!info Shows informations about the bot, including guild-/User-count and the Ping
-m!setup The bot is creating a new Channel with preset permissions. Bot needs ADMIN for that