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Invite Memorial Bot to your server and enjoy its wide range of features - Achievements, Chests, Trivia, Perks, Economy and Leaderboards! Discord Bot.

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Memeral Discord Bot Described:

Memeral offers you a lot - achievements, chests, trivia, perks, economy, leaderboards, music and a lot more!
Memeral overview

Memeral offers you features ranging from economy related stuff, like chests, gambling and trivia to statistics and plenty of other things.
Chest command is the most used command used to open a chest containing a random item which you can collect or sell for a more or less decent amount of Memeral coins - depends on the rarity!
Currently, chest items, so called signatures, are musicians for public servers, but more categories will be coming soon. Feel free to suggest a new catogory, or anything else you have in mind as Memeral is very community orientated.
You can submit a suggestion by using >suggest command or by joining the community server.

Memeral also offers premium features in change for small donations - like server or community tied chest items/trivia questions you can choose yourself, or some other thing you or your community would like to have.
Invite Memeral now and use >help command to find out all of the commands!
(Click on arrows to change page in the >help command)


Memeral has commands including but not limited to:

help - View all commands
buy - Buy perks or commands with Memeral coins
achievements - View achievements you or someone else has
chest - Unbox a chest containing a random item of random rarity
trivia - Answer a random question to gain Memeral coins
prefix - Change Memeral’s prefix
slotty - Slotmachine with 5 winlines
slotmachine - Slotmachine with 10 winlines and a freespin bonus
roulette - Bet your money on red/black or white and win Memeral coins
coinflip - Flip a coin with your friend and take his coins
leaderboards - View the top 10 users of multiple categories in your server or all servers

Setting up Memeral

1. Invite Memeral to the server
2. Add yourself or people you want as Memeral administrator(s) by using >admin add @name
3. Most of Memeral’s command require a “bot channel”, which you can define by using >botchannel add #channel-name
4. Browse the commands using the >help command, in which you can change the page by clicking on the arrow reactions!
If you have questions, please join the Memeral community server and ask it in the support chat.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Memeral Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Memeral to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Memeral Discord Bot' on this page.

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