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Moderation | No false-positives | Advertising | Utility | Fun | Customizable
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Midnight is a bot that takes servers to another level with its vast variety of features and commands.


  1. Moderation:
  • All the moderation features you need for your server in just one bot.
  1. Protection:
  • Advanced protection and security for your server with no false-positives.
  1. Utility:
  • Variety of commands and features that make your server more interesting.
  1. Fun:
  • Random fun commands and games you can play with others thru Discord.
  1. Interactions:
  • Commands that let you interact with other users thru Discord.
  1. Advertisement:
  • Features that help your server grow bigger and stay active.
  1. Customizable Settings:
  • Allows you to customize a lot of settings and permissions to your liking.
  1. Support Team:
  • The support team is always happy to help you out with anything related to the bot.
  1. Incredibly Fast:
  • Great ping and lightning fast response times.
  1. Absolutely Free:
  • All of this for free, forever.


All the core features of the bot will always be 100% free. Every donation helps to keep the bot online. Thank you so much to anyone who donates, it really helps a lot!

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