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Created by: SirPlumPits#1760
Anime music quizzes and trivia with leaderboard, reaction gifs, waifus, catgirls, identify sauce, play music, get anime info, and much more!

Flagship Features

Anime OP/ED Music Quizzes

musicquiz and leaderboard

Play anime music quizzes with friends and compete for the top of the leaderboard!

Detect Anime From a Screenshot


Want to know what anime is the screenshot from? Let the bot figure it out!

Freshest Catgirls


Want catgirls? This bot will sauce you the freshest catgirls you've ever seen!

AI-Generated Waifus


Do you want a waifu? The bot will give you a waifu no one has seen before!

Expertly Curated Anime Gifs

heatpat, kiss, tickle, feed, slap, cuddle, hug, smug and baka

Want the perfect reaction gif? The bot has got you covered.

Save Gifs for Later


Want to save a gif for use later? The bot will save the gif for safekeeping and will surprise you in the future!

Full Command List

Visit https://darenliang.github.io/MikuBot-Docs for documentation.