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Music Bot based on Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou wa-maid sama
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Hi guys, Are you ready to transform your server in the Maid Latte? Im Here for serve you!

My fantastic commands:
mi-play - Join Maid Latte and order a new song by searching in or by linking it
mi-search - I will search a song for you and you can select what song I have to add
mi-pause - Give me a pause / let me return to work
mi-stop - Leave Maid Latte and let me take a sleep
mi-queue - Show your order list (song list)
mi-remove - Remove a order (song)
mi-clear - Remove all orders (songs)
mi-volume - Set the volume of my wonderful voice
mi-version - Set the volume of my wonderful voice

By HydroMC Studios

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