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A multiple purpose bot including revolutionary helpful features. Modbot is a perfect bot for Moderate your server and others.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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ModBot has Moderations / Images / Giveaways / Fun / Info / Support / Music / ticket /Utility / Admin and many more command use for mod bot here some command for modbot this bot now have over 200+ commands


Moderation commands (kick, voicekick, mute, clear, ban and more…)
Info commands (ping, serverinfo, snipe, membercount and more…)

what Modbot command does

kick = server admin or moderators can kick people
ban = ban people in server
play = play any youtube video song
afk= if you use this command outher people mention you outher user can see what you are doing activity [example <prefix>afk im busy right now]
embed = create embed for you [example <prefix>embed type what you want]
and many more commands
If you have any question or bugreport or bots support please join the support server

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