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A Moderation Bot for Discord Servers Reaction Roles / Support Desk / Custom Commands / User Stats / XP Points Economy Setup the bot with $setupwizard
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When a user joins your server your staff channel will be highlighted to previously known bans/kicks/warns that a user has recieved.
You can also see this info by the command $user info

$updates - Displays all new added commands
$8ball - ask a question get a 1 in 8 response
$coinflip - Flip a coin heads or tails?
$topic - Choose a random topic out of 30+ to start a conversation
$rr add/remove role emoji messageid - Reaction Based Roles
$user user - View history of kicks/bans/warns of a user globally and within a server
$kick user - Kick a user from the server
$ban user - Bans a user from the server
$help - Lists all commands
$info - Bot information and Support server
$setup logs channel - Set the log channel for logs to be sent to.
$setup modcmds/filter on/off - Enable modules available for ModManager. (filter: Swear word/warn filter, on by default).
$setup staff channel - Setup notifications for join/leaves/support checking global database for changes
$setup support role - Sets the role as the support role for tickets.
$setup joinrole role - Sets the role that users will get on joining your server
$setup autokick global number - Sets how manytimes a user has been kicked in the past before auto kicking from the server
$setup autokick warnings number - Autokick the user on the specified number of warnings
$request subject - Open a support request to moderators
$tickets open/closed - Check for open/closed tickets
$start user - Starts a support conversation with a requested ticket.
$close - Closes a support channel.
$botstaff - Sends a message to bot developers for support with the bot.
$mod - Sends a message to the staff channel for support with the server.
$userhistory @user - View a users history of kicks/warns/bans with reasons.
$manageuser @user userreset - Reset all information on a user from your server.
$manageuser @user promote - Promotes to a new rank
$manageuser @user demote - Demotes down a rank
$manageuser @user actionremove id - Removes a specific warning/kick
$manageserver ranks add @rank level - Add promotable ranks
$manageserver ranks remove @rank level A Removes a promotable rank
$manageserver ranks list - List all promotable ranks
$manageserver muterole role - Sets a role for members who are muted to be added to.
$announce info/critical/alert #channels @roles - Announce a message to a channel highlighting roles specified.
$manageserver levelrewards add/remove level @role - Adds an XP based level reward system.
$mute @user timeinmins - Mutes a user to the muterole removing all other previous roles temporarily for the specified time.
$defcon 1/2/3/4 timeinmins - Set a security alert on your server and lockdown permissions temporarily default to 60 mins with no time.
$xp - View current number of points.
$leaderboard - View the servers leaderboard
$leaderboard global - View whos at the top rank across the whole ModManager Network!
$leaderboard server - Is your server ontop?

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<b><i>NOTE:</i>Bot is Currently under development</b>

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