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A bot for viewing information on Anime and Manga from MyAnimeList, and other fun commands!
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Ika was created as a way to search MAL (MyAnimeList) without having to leave discord.
Ika can search accounts, manga, anime, and more while displaying stats and info on items searched.


m.ani <anime> Shows information on the anime given with details such as: Number of Episodes, Ranking, Synopsis, Genre, and more

m.account <user> Will give you information on the user passed to it with details including: Days Watched, Average Score, Episodes Watched, and more

m.schedule [m, t, w, r, f, s, su] Provides information on shows airing. You can specify days by adding a day after schedule.

There are other more general goofy commands to Ika that are just for fun.
Ika is constantly in development and getting better all the time. Be on the lookout for new features.

To learn about all her commands and how to use them please click here

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