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Invite Yeet bot to your server and play with its Yeet commands. Track your score and Yeet someone from the voice channel. Discord Bot.

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Mr Yeet Discord Bot Described:

Yeet someone from the voice channel (move him into the AFK channel) and play a yeet sound. You can also track your yeet score.

A Bot, which can be summoned with the command /yeet, or /yeetkick.

When the Bot has been summoned, he moves (or disconnects) a random user, which is on the same channel as the summoner, into a channel called “YEET-LAUNCH”, or if not exist into the guilds AFK channel.

To get your personal Yeet Score you can use /yeetscore.


The Bot needs to store some Data of the users to provide the /yeetscore functionality. He stores the id of a discord user, who uses the bot, or has been yeetet by the bot, and he stores the times a user has been yeeted or yeeted someone.
He also stores who and when a command has been used (logging) to make the process of an issue finding and fixing more easily.

Adding the Bot

You can add the Bot by pressing here.

The Bots needs at least the following permissions:
  • view channels

  • connect

  • move members

  • speak

  • read messages

  • send messages

  • embed links

  • attach files

  • /yeethelp: Prints a help page (this page, in case you didn’t notice).
  • /yeet Moves a random user into a channel called YEET-LAUNCH or if not exist into the guilds AFK channel.
  • /yeetsoft: Like /yeet but moves the user back into the origin channel after 2 seconds.
  • /yeetkick: Like /yeet but doesn’t move the user into the yeet channel, instead disconnects the user from the server.
  • /yeetscore Shows the yeet score of the caller.
Yeet Score FAQ
  • How is the yeet score calculated?
    • (times you yeetet anyone / times you have been yeetet) + (times you yeetet anyone / 50)
  • Is there a difference between the commands in yeet score gain?
    • No! Every command increases your yeet score according to the function.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Mr Yeet Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Mr Yeet to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Mr Yeet Discord Bot' on this page.

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