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A Multipurpose discord bot with fun, moderation, levels, music and more.

Role-persist - Turn this on and users that leave with roles the bot will automatically give them back.
Music (Beta) - Use >help then 10 to see all the music commands.
afk [reason] - Can now set a afk reason while your away and if you get tagged it will tell them.
Profile redesign - MrGoodBots profile and level up card were both redesigned.

Moderation Commands - ban/kick/hackban/softban/mute/umute/warn/etc.
Auto Moderation - Anti invite links and website links.
Fun - Bunch of fun commands to play around with.
Roleplay - Bunch of roleplay commands to use.
Economy - Earn and gamble money.
Leveling - Earn xp and levels from talking.
Online 24/7 - Bots will always be online besides needed maintenance times
Constant Updates - Im always working on new commands/features/improvements for this bot.
Music - Play some awesome music in your discord server.

Moderator Notes:
Moderation Commands Require a Channel set with >logs to send moderation Logs
To use join/leave messages, set a channel with >welcomeleave or >wl, a custom message can be set with >welcomeleave 4 [new message].
Can set a role to give automatically when a user joins with >autorole [rolename].
Case numbers for each moderation command used.
Can warn members with >warn [reason] and view them by >warnings @User.
Can disable and enable each auto mod tool so you get the choice.
Can disable and enable slowmode so users can send messages every x seconds in the guild.
Can disable and enable antijoin so if you were getting raided and anyone who joins will get kicked automatically.
Can disable and enable leveling so you can decide if you want leveling in your guild.
Can view user punishments with >punishments @Someone it will show in total how many bans, kicks, mutes, warns they have.
Use >help to get a link for the command List

join/leave messages Placeholders
%GUILDNAME% - Will say the guilds name.
%MENTION% - Will mention the user (Works on joins only).
%NAME% - Will say the users name (Works for both).
%MEMBERCOUNT% - Will say the current membercount.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: > - Customizable
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Katrix#0101
Short link: discord.ly/mrgoodbot