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A bot that automatically mutes and unmutes an entire voice chat. Designed for use in the game Among Us.

Among Us Mute Bot

If you have any problems or questions on how to use the bot, feel free to ping me on discord.


The bot helps to mute or unmute an entire voice chat in discord when playing Among Us.


The basic commands are:

  • .[mute|m] to mute all members currently connected to your voice chat.
  • .[unmute|um|u] to unmute all members currently connected to your voice chat.
  • .[status|ping|info|p] to get current information about the bot.
  • .[help] (command) for help.
  • .[config|cfg|settings] (Admins only) to change bot configuration for the guild. Settings include changing the role to mute, the channel names of the game and ghosts channel and wether server mute is suppressed or not.
  • .[invite|i|inv] to get the invite code to add this bot to a guild.
  • .[code|c|game|host] (skeld|mira|polus) (eu|na|asia) to show a game code in a nice embed. You can use .config code-channel to only allow a certain channel for codes to be sent.

It also does the following in the background:

  • People who join the voice chat while the game is running will automatically be muted.
  • People who move to a “dead” channel will automatically be unmuted and muted again if they rejoin the game channel.
  • People who are muted and join the game channel while mute is not active will be automatically unmuted.
  • Other server mute actions performed by guild members will be suppressed. This is disabled per default, you can enable it with .config toggle

How to Set Up

Create the voice channels “Crew” and “Ghosts” and add a role named “Mute Master”. People with this role will be able to use the bot’s commands. You can change the name of the channels and the role by using the config command. For help use “.help config”


You can find the official repository for this bot here.


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Created by: Gobi#2159
Short link: discord.ly/mutebot