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An OP Multipurpose Bot With Lots Of Commands And Awesome Economy System! [gg help] For Complete Help!

The ultimate MythicalSouls

Have you ever heard of this bot named MythicalSouls? If no then I got you covered

MythicalSouls has a lot of command categories and is growing pretty well currently serving over 160 servers.

What does it have to impress you?

Below are some of the command categories

  • [x] Available without premium

    • rob, bankrob, pay, balance, fish, hunt, pm, pet, profile, prestige, blackjack, gamble, slots, daily, beg, pet hunt, pet feed and a lot more!
  • ♣️FUN and GAMES
    • akinator, 8ball, dice, snake, fight, aittt, ttt, banner, emojify, dog, cat, meme, joke and more!
  • 🎵MUSIC
    • play, skip, pause, resume, np, search, loop, volume, filter and more! [Gg mhelp]
    • gstart, gend, greroll, gdelete, glist, greatest, gedit. [Gg ghelp]
  • 💻IMAGE
    *spank, trigger, ad, linux, hitler, rip, bed, gay, tweet, tattoo and more! [Gg help image]
    ** enable, disable, settings, vote, invite. [Gg help utility]

  • [ ] Available without premium
    *chatbot enable, chatbot disable. [Gg help chatbot]

So what are you waiting for? Add this bot and start spicing up your server!

To get premium go over here

Some Images of the bot
Help command of the bot

Some economy stuff

And we have got much much more!! Hope into the fun right now!

Available Links

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bot uptime?

The bot is usually online 24/7

How do i get premium of the bot?

To get premium got to https://mythical.mythicalop.repl.co/