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Prefix: >
Created by: Neko_chxn#0001
Short link: discord.ly/nekochxn
A Little Roleplay Bot whit alot of Features

Prefix >


For the full Command list: >help


>slap @user Slap a firend

>poke @userPoke a User

>cuddle @userCuddle a User

>kiss @user kiss a User

>lick @userLick a User

>hug @userHug Someone

>bite @userBite Someone

>tickle @userTickle Someone

>pat @userpat Someone

>smug smug

>nekoNeko Picture


>anal @userAnalfuck Someone

>blowjob @user get Blowjob

>fuck @user Fuck Someone

>pussylick @user Pussylick Someone

>yuri @user Yurifuck Someone

>solo make it alone

>hentai Random Hentai Gif