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Node is a simple to use yet highly functional bot with an all-embed interface and plenty of useful commands. It features moderation tools, user tools, misc fun/gambling commands and much more
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Node Bot

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  • ⭐ Node is a premier new discord bot with the ability to connect channels across different servers.

The Node Network

The Node Network is the primary feature of Node. Currently in v1.0, the network allows you to connect
your server to a network of servers all through one text channel as a sort of global chat. In the coming releases, we plan to add configurable settings and preferences
as well as custom networks that will allow you to connect channels & servers of your choice together.

We are currently working on this feature, and it is still in the early stages of development. Join our community now to help influence its development.
We actively accept and review feature requests and feedback in our support server.

To get started, just use the following command:


Additional Features

  • Featuring an all-embed interface, Node has an extremely sleek design that is simple to use.

  • Packed with a suite of functionality, Node is not only simple, but also extremely useful.

  • In addition to its primary functionality, Node also features plenty of misc. commands for moderation, utility and fun.

  • Node currently uses a prefix and suffix system, you can set your own custom prefix/suffix, but the default is “<” + “>”
    The addition of a suffix allows you to use commands from anywhere inside of a message.
    We plan to make the suffix optional, but for now it is required

Add The Bot

Join The Support Server

Finally, Node is one of the easiest bots to add. It requires no setup! Simply add it to the server,
and it will do the rest!

We are also a very active development community and take direct suggestions from users! Together we can help improve Node
and create a strong community!

Node is open-source, come check out the bot on our github and follow the releases!

Node is currently being upgraded with professional grade 3d art assets! See some of them here, and here

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