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This bot can make your discord server a better discord server. You got some troublemakers in your server no fear my dudes this discord bot is here.
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Discord Bots

Discord Bots

-Commands you can try-

type s!help to see the rest of the commands

•s!kick - do this command on someone you hate

•s!ban - do this command on someone you hate even more

•s!mute - someone talking too much? use this command

•s!warn - warn some dumb troublemakers in your server

-Fun commands-

•s!say - force the bot to say something

•s!avatar - show your beautiful profile picture

•s!rps - play rock paper scissors with the bot (it chooses random for you)

•s!memes - read some memes

-Economy commands-

•s!work - work to earn

•s!balance - check how many bits you have

•s!leaderboard - check who has the most

-support and info-

•s!addbot - Add the bot to your server

•s!support - join the support server to give us suggestions

•s!membercount - Check how many members you have

•s!servers - tells you how many servers the bot is in

more commands coming soon bot still in development

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.