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《 Obama | Fun Commands | Mod Commands | NSFW Commands 》


Is a Moderator bot and with Fun Commands with special abilitys.

Social Media

Check Obama website
Check out my team, The FutureDevs Check out my YouTube Channel Check out my Twitter

Reports or Bugs

If you have any issues or bugs click me or go to out my Discord server!


  • Utility :

~ Changelog : View new updates that has been implicated in the newest version

~ Serverinfo : View your server information

~ userinfo : View your user information or view some else information

~ invite : invite the bot to ur server or share it with or friends

~ afk : Put your self in afk if someone pings u the bot quickly responds saying to not interrupt u or a message u set

~ stats : View the bot stats detailed

  • Administration

~ ban : Ban a user [ Must create logs channel ]

~ kick : Kicks a user [ Must Create logs channel ]

~ poll : Creates a poll for your server

~ purge : Deletes a group of messages or a single message

~ tempmute : Mute a user in your server [ Must Create logs channel]

  • NSFW

~ helpnsfw : get over 30+ NSFW commands [Must be use in a NSFW channel]

  • Search

~ roblox : searches ur roblox user

  • Fun

~ 8ball : U can see your Future

~ ascii : Make your Text in a ascii Format

~ avatar : view your profile picture or some else profile picture

~ bond : check your bond with someone else

~ coinflip : flip a coin to see if it lands on tail or face

~ gayrate: check how gay u are

~ hastebin : U can make a hastebin link by putting your code in chat

~ joke : Tells u a joke

~ quiz : Starts a quiz

~ rate : u can rate someone’s work or something

~ say : make the bot say what u told him to say

~ yomama : Tells u a yomama Joke

~ advice : tells u a good advice

~ embed : u can create a embed

~ age : Tell him what year u where born and will tell u whats your age

~ roast : roast somebody

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: f; (customizable)
Servers: 3.27k
Users: 508k
Created by: Wolfie#0526
Short link: discord.ly/obama