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Obsidion Discord Bot Described:

Obsidion is an advanced Minecraft themed discord bot with a ton of features.
Obsidion Discord Bot



Obsidion is an advanced Minecraft themed discord bot with a ton of features.

✨ Features
  • Server Query. Be able to view the current players on a minecraft server or just view that cool server icon you just made for it. Obsidion can view all public details about any minecraft server.

  • Hypixel. Any and all hypixel, skyblock, stats commands, the most feature rich and amount of commands available on any discord bot

  • Profile Info. View info on your Minecraft profile including past usernames and skin

  • Minecraft Image generation. Generate cool and interesting Minecraft themed images like signs and advancements.

  • Fun. Kill your friends in a fun and unique way right in your discord server, the next best thing from doing it in Minecraft.

  • Facts. View facts and details about mobs, items, biome, blocks and all things Minecraft with up to date information.

  • News. Get the latest Minecraft news and releases delivered right to your server so you can be among the first to know.

🏁 Getting Started with Obsidion

To get started add the bot to your discord server.

Adding to your server

To add Obsidion to your discord server follow this link: link. The default prefix is mc? and you can view a list of commands by running mc?help

📝 License

Obsidion is open-source. The library is licensed under the GPL AGPL v3.

💬 Get in touch

If you have a question or would like to talk with other Obsidion users, please hop over to Github discussions or join our Discord server:

Discord chatroom

Discord Shield

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Obsidion Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Obsidion to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Obsidion Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: mc?
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Darkflame72#1150