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Invite OoferBot to your server and explore its Oof-themed commands and bobux currency system. Add Oofer Discord Bot now!

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OoferBot Discord Bot Described:

A bot entirely oof themed. It also has a bobux currency system.

OoferBot Info & Help
;help, ;cmds, ;commands: Get the full list of commands (also listed here)

List of Commands:

Normal Commands:

;oofersong, ;oofsong Gives the (un)Official Oofer Anthem
;getoof, ;getoofed Oofs the user (or @ mention) ;getoof <@user (optional)>
;oof Says oof
;oofspam, ;ooferspam Spams oof 10 seconds cooldown
;longoof, ;lngoof OoferBot attempts to do a long oof, but realizes it can do better 20 seconds cooldown
;oof%, ;oofpercent Shows your oof% ;oof% <@user (optional)>
;oofhonor, ;oofhnr, ;ooferhonor Honoring the dead with oof
;magicoofball, ;oofball, ;oofbll, ;magicooferball, ;ooferball Basically a Magic 8 Ball replaced with oof stuff 7.5 seconds cooldown
;oofflip, ;ooflip, ;coinflip Flips the OofCoin™ 7.5 seconds cooldown

Bobux Commands (in development):

;bobux, ;robux, ;bal, ;balance Shows how much bobux you have ;bobux <@user (optional)>
;freebobux, ;freerobux, ;freemoney GET FR33 BOBUX NOT SCAM DEFINITELY ok it maybe scam actually (emphasis on almost) all the time scam WHATEVER DOESNT EXIST -
;daily, ;dailybobux, ;dailyrobux, ;dailymoney Get your daily bobux 1 day cooldown
;work, ;job Do your hourly work 1 hour cooldown
;rob, ;steal Rob someone ;rob <@user> | 1 minute cooldown
;give, ;transfer Give someone bobux ;give <@user> <item ID/“bobux”> <amount> | 1 minute cooldown
;inventory, ;inv, ;things, ;stuff, ;items Shows all of your items ;inventory <@user (optional)>
;shop Shows the items you can buy -
;buy, ;get Buy an item from the shop ;buy <item ID> <# of items (optional)>
;sell Sell an item from your inventory ;sell <item ID> <amount (optional)>

Miscellaneous Commands:

Command Name(s) What Command Does Usage/Cooldowns
;oofcount, ;oofct, ;oofercount Shows how many ;oof(s) you have done ;oofcount <@user (optional)>
;cmdcount, ;commandct, ;cmdct, ;commandcount Shows how many total commands you have done ;cmdcount <@user (optional)>
;ping, ;lag, ;ms Shows how much latency the bot has

top.gg page: https://top.gg/bot/698570496752746557

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add OoferBot Discord Bot to my server?

You can add OoferBot to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add OoferBot Discord Bot' on this page.

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