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Invite ❄ | Best Friend Bot to your server and enjoy its fun commands. Get your own friend forever with ❄ | Best Friend Bot Discord Bot.

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A bot to be your friend forever!




my commands can be replicated into 5 main categories within our database! Each “category” contains many individual & unique commands.

Navigation: If you wish to proceed with the command search process look at the bottom of this embed, you’ll see there’s a reaction that looks like this: :arrow_forward: react with it to move to the next page of the command list. Once you have reached the end you won’t be able to flip back through the pages, so you’ll have to use this command again.

I’m Reacting but it’s not working!: If you don’t click the reaction within 3 minutes the bot will cancel the reaction trigger and you’ll once again have to start over.

Upcoming Changes: We know this may be a bit frustrating however, this may change in the near future so keep an eye out for updates by using bf!updatelogs!

I have a suggestion!: If you have a suggestion for specific commands your more than welcome to suggest them using bf!suggest-feature! Final Notice!:

I just wanted to thank you for your support and inviting me to join you guys on a journey of discovery! Catagories:

Moderation, Utility, Fun, Economy, Staff Moderation: All commands for administrator or server staff access can be found in this command list! Utility: All commands for logging and information can be found in this command list! Fun: All commands for entertainment and boredom can be found in this command list! Economy: All commands for daily-life events and criminal action can be found in this command list! Admin: RESTRICTED ACCESS | COMMAND-LIST UNKNOWN

MODERATION CMDS Command: bf!warn: Warn a mentioned user, example: bf!warn @akira#0001 this is a test warn Command: bf!mute: Mute a mentioned usèr, example: bf!mute @akira#0001 this is a test mute Command: bf!unmute: Unmute a mentioned user, example: bf!unmute @akira#0001 this is a test unmute Command: bf!kick: Kick a mentioned user, example: bf!kick @akira#0001 this is a test kick Command: bf!ban: Ban a mentioned user, example: bf!ban @akira#0001 this is a test ban Command: bf!unban: Unban a user by their username/useID, example: bf!unban 516684684231704592 Command: bf!infractions: Retrieve a mentioned user’s infractions, example: bf!infractions @akira#0001 Command: bf!purge: Purge a specific number of messages, example: bf!purge 100

UTILITY COMMANDS Command: bf!suggestchannel: Set the suggestions channel! | Usage: bf!suggestchannel #suggestions Command: bf!setlogs: Set the bot moderation/join/leave logs! | Usage: bf!setlogs #bot-logs Command: bf!covidstats: Retrieve the current covid statistics for a given country! | Usage: bf!covidstats canada Command: bf!serverinfo: Retrieve the server info for current server! | Usage: bf!serverinfo Command: bf!userinfo: Retrieve the user user info for a mentioned user! | Usage: bf!userinfo @Akira#00001 Command:bf!botstaff: Retrieves the list of bot staff! | Usage: bf!botadmin Command: bf!antilinks (enable/disable): Enable / Disable the Anti Links function of the bot! Usage: bf!antilinks enable or bf!antilinks disable Command: bf!new: Creates a new category / Ticket & will send any further tickets to that chat category! Usage: bf!new This is a test!

ECONOMY COMMANDS Command: bf!work: Go to work to earn some money! | Usage: bf!work Command: bf!beg: Beg for some money! | Usage: bf!beg Command: bf!crime: Commit a crime! | Usage: bf!crime Command: bf!steal: Steal from the balance of a mentioned user! | Usage: bf!steal Akira#00001 Command: bf!heist: Start a heist and become rich! | Usage: bf!heist Command: bf!daily: Daily money! | Usage: bf!daily Command: bf!deposit: Deposit on-hand cash into your bank! | Usage: bf!deposit 100 Command: bf!balance: Retrieve your over all balance! | Usage: bf!balance Command: bf!withdraw: Withdraw a specific amount of money from your bank! | Usage: bf!withdraw 100 Command: bf!leaderboard: Retrieve the Server Economy Leaderboard | Usage: bf!leaderboard

FUN COMMANDS Command: bf!dog: Shows a random gif of a dog! Usage: bf!dog Command: bf!cpufight: Fight a NPC! Usage: bf!cpufight (sword or gun) Command: bf!google: Search something using our google API! Usage: bf!google (key-words) Command: bf!youtube: Search a song, playlist or artist on youtube using our youtube API! Usage: bf!youtube (key-words) Command: bf!rblxuser: Search up a roblox username using our roblox API! Usage: bf!rblxuser (key-words) Command: bf!rblxgame: Search up a roblox game using our roblox game API! Usage: bf!rblxgame (key-words) Command: bf!cat: Shows a random gif of a cat! Usage: bf!cat Command: bf!gif: Shows a random gif! Usage: bf!gif

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add ❄ | Best Friend Discord Bot to my server?

You can add ❄ | Best Friend to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add ❄ | Best Friend Discord Bot' on this page.

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