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OrangePeel Discord Bot Described:

A server management bot, focused to giving users full power of their server

OrangePeel is a multipurpose bot which primarily focuses around logging the activity levels of your users and channels. It has many useful features, such as full moderation commands including working mutes and message deletion logging.

Activity Logging

OrangePeel can log the activity on your server, counting the average number of messages sent per user per day. To enable this do: >activity enabe You will be able to then view the most active members with >top and sort through the most commonly ( and least commonly) used channels with chanalyse


OrangePeel currently has several moderation commands, including: kick, ban, mute, purge, warn and strike as well as the ability to list a user’s past punishments with >search and even log punishments in a channel. Permissions for these commands can be configured with >modconfig to avoid having to give moderators administrator privileges

And much more!

It doesn’t stop there, OrangePeel also includes:

  • >count to manage and moderate your “count-as-high-as-you-can” channels
  • >vclogs to setup a log on the server to show who joined which voice chat and for how long
  • >autorole to give new members all the roles they will need
  • >welcomer to welcome new members to your server
  • >starboard to keep a catalog of the best messages on your server
  • >votechannel to make a channel where every message is given a upvote and downvote reaction (and the possibility to automatically filter images from text)

And plenty more! If you would like a full summary of the commands, try >help

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add OrangePeel Discord Bot to my server?

You can add OrangePeel to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add OrangePeel Discord Bot' on this page.

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