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OSRS GE Bot is the pinnacle of trade information for Old School Runescape. Stocked full of commands for optimizing skilling while making a profit.
The Pinnacle of OSRS Trade Information

Do you want to optimize your ability to train skills and make a profit at the same time? If so, the OSRS GE Bot is the bot for you! Stocked full of useful commands for finding profitable skilling methods and pricing information, theres something here for everyone! Give it a go and see if you can make it big on OSRS today!

    # Free Commands
    *price [itemname] (Returns pricing information about [itemname]
        ex: *price dragon dagger
    *profit smithing (Returns a list of profitable items to smith)
    *profit fletching (Returns a list of profitable items to fletch)
    *profit high-alch (Returns a list of profitable items to high-alch)
    *help (Returns a list of all available commands)
    # Patron Only Commands
    *set char [character name] (Links your OSRS account info with the Discord bot)
    *stat [skill name] (Displays the level of the skill specified)
        ex: *stat fletching
        ex: *stat ranged
    *profit barrows (Returns a list of profitable barrows items to repair and sell)
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.