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A simple discord bot that can send animal gifs + facts and compliment you :)
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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owo cat is a bot made with javascript (using discord.js), that has (currently) 17 different commands!

The prefix for the bot is cat, meaning that if you want to use the ‘help’ command you will have to put ‘cat help’

Information Commands:

help - displays all the commands

help [command] - gives more specific information about the command named (for example, cat help cat)

invite - gives the invite link, for the user to add to their own servers

information- tells the user ‘owo cat was made using javascript, by Inane Cat (c a t#2829)’

vote- sends the user a link to here, for them to vote for the bot.

Animal/Gif Themed Commands:

cat - tells the user a cat fact, and sends a gif of a cat

bigcat - tells the user a big-cat themed fact, and sends a gif of a big cat (either a cheetah, snow leopard, lynx, bobcat, lion, tiger, jaguar, leopard, rusty-spotted cat or black-footed cat)

wildcat - tells the user a ‘wild-cat’ themed fact, and sends a gif of a ‘wild-cat’ (either a stoat, weasel, raccoon or opossum)

rodent - tells the user a rodent-themed fact, and sends a gif of a rodent (either a chinchilla, bunny, hamster, rat, mouse or guinea pig)

dog - tells the user a dog fact, and sends a gif of a dog.

pokemon - tells the user some pokemon trivia, and sends a pokemon-themed gif

Personal Commands:

rateme - rates the user out of ten (10)!

compliment - compliments the user ^-^

unsettling compliment - gives the user a, special compliment.

hug - hugs the user :D

pfp - sends the users profile picture/avatar

Helpful Commands:​
earth - shares WWF’s ten top tips to saving the planet
helplines - shares mental health, and other support, helplines

Other Commands:

facts - tells the user a random fact

flipcoin - flips a two (2) sided coin (heads or tails) and sends the result.

rolldice - rolls a twelve (12) sided dice and sends the result.

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