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Multipurpose bot 24/7 uptime. Images, games, voice chat games, welcome messages, minigames and much more!

Oxygen is a multipurpose Discord Bot with Fun, Games and utility commands. One of the most popular features of oxygen is the voice chat games, you can play betrayal.io, poker, chess or even youtube with your friends in a voice chat. But if you don’t have friends you can always speak with the chatbot.

Oxygen features:

  • Minigames
    • Voice chat games
    • In chat games
  • Images
    • Animal Images
    • Image searcher
    • Random Images
  • VideoGames data
    • Status of online games servers
    • Profile stats
    • Minecraft Skin viewer
    • Pokedex
  • Chatbot
  • Moderation
  • Server Configuration
    • Channel Cooldown
    • Welcome and leave messages
    • Custom commands
    • Enable/Disable commands
  • Suggestions
    • Edit your suggestions
    • Accept and deny the suggestions
  • Utility commands
    • Giveaways
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