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A Multi-purpose bot that's fast, adaptive and fully configurable.
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Ozaru is a multi-purpose discord bot that satisfies most needs.
The bot is fast, adaptive and configurable. A bot for your server.



The bot is dressed with a great moderating ability and logs all moderating activities in a mod-log channel.

• Ban - Bans a user from the server.

• Hackban - Bans user via their id. (Very useful incase user left).

• Kick - Kick user from server.

• Lockdown - Locks down a channel for a specific time duration.

• Mute - Mutes a user indefinitely.

• Softban - Ban a user for 2 days.

Tempban - Temporary bans a user.

• Tempmute - Temporary mutes a user

• Unban - Unbans a user.

• Unmute - Unmutes a user.


Ozaru is also equipped with fun commands. Who doesn’t love fun? Not Me!

• Blush - User blushes

• Cat - (show cat pics)

• Dog - (show dog pics)

• Hug - Hugs a user

• Pat - pats a user

• Slap - He’s annoying right? slap em


Some other useful commands -

• 8ball - Runs a 8ball command.

• ascii - Writes text ascii format

• Rate - Rates a user.

• Reminder - Reminds users. We tend to forget sometimes.

• Suggest - Suggest changes for bot


• Userinfo - Gives info about a user

• Serverinfo - Gives info about the server

• Stats - Gives useful bot statistics

• Urban - Search the urban dictionary

How To Use Ozaru

To run any command, you need to write the prefix, then the command’s name.

Considering !! is Ozaru’s prefix (the one set by default), however, if you don’t remember the prefix, you can mention the bots name and he will remind you the prefix. Alternatively, you can check the bots prefix via its activity.

To get a list of all commands, you can write `!!help|, he will show you an ascii format help.

The help command shows you a list of all commands names and a brief description for each of them, to get a full description, you may run !!help <command>, for example !!help ping.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask me in the official support server!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.