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Prefix: p.
Created by: Tetra#0001
Short link: discord.ly/parallax-2655
Parallax is a multifunctional Discord bot that includes many features such as an economy system, server utilites, nsfw, fun, and more!

Some fun, music, images, and many more commands !

Prefix: “~” or "p. " (Can be changed with p.set serverprefix) Type ,help for have all commands of the bot ! ?

Music commands (p.help Audio): • p.play <url_or_search>: Play a URL or Search for a track on YouTube.

(URL : YouTube, Soundcloud, mp3 streams, and Spotify) (Spotify is slower when adding playlist, but it works, no worries it will be improved in the future)

• p.skip : Skip to next track.

• p.previous : Play the previous track.

• p,pause : Pause the track.

• p.resume : Resume a track paused.

• p.stop : Stop the player, and disconnect.

• p.shuffle : Toggle shuffling.

• p.repeat : Toggle repeat.

• p.now or p.np : Show the track playing now.

And more in the p.help audio command !

General commands (p.help General): • p.trivia : Start Trivia session.

• p.weather : Display weather of a given location.

• p.bank : Manage your bank account.

• p.leaderboard : Show the global leaderboard.

• p.payday : Get some free currency. 120 juulcats.

• p.slot : Use the slot machine.

And more in the p.help General command !

Utility commands: • p.avatar : Show your avatar in a large size.

• p.emoji : Post a large size server emoji in chat.

• p.invite : Send the invitation link for Parallax.

• p.prefix : Show all prefixes of Parallas

• p.support : Send a link of the support server for Parallax

Information commands: • p.userinfo : Show your user informations.

• p.serverinfo : Show the informations of current server.

p.info : Show info about Parallax.

• p.usagecount : Show the usage stats of Parallax. (Messages received, commands processed etc…)

• p.botstats : Show all the stats of Parallax.

• p.pingtime : Show latency of Parallax.

• p.uptime : Show how long Parallax has been up for without interruption.