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Created by: Lumap#0001
Short link: discord.ly/pichu
Pichu is a fun and useful bot based on the pokémon Pichu! It's a WiP multi-purpose bot, so it has a lot of functions (please except some minors downtimes, 1 minutes max)

Pichu is a multi-purpose bot.

Pichu is currently in constant WiP(work in progress), but this bot is online 24/7

It CAN have some bugs, please contact me (the creator) if you encounter one.
Well, here are the commands :
-help : Basically the help command
-play : plays a song, for now only youtube videos URL are accepted by the bot
-meme : Shows a meme using ksoft.si API
-server-invite : creates an discord.gg invite of your server (valid 1 day)
-serverinfo/userinfo : shows server.user info

If you want to see more, you can add it to your server using the invite button!