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A multi Purpose bot Including Latest Feature Like ping , beep , invites, kick/ban and More is adding, I hope you Like My Bot.
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This is used to entertain your Server with alot of cool commands, like: Ping etc.
The Bot Made with discord.js module in super light editor vsc(visual studio code), add the bot to your guild and send feedback
on the bot Support Server to Help made the bot more usefull.



  1. server-info : Bot replies with Current Server(server-name or Members).
  2. user-info : Bot replies with Your Name and ID.
  3. botinfo: Sends you the Information about Bot.
  4. what is your prefix? : Bot replies with the answer with his prefix.
  5. stats : This will send you the Bot Status with (Server-Count or Member-Count).
  6. uptime : Shows the Bot’s current Uptime.


  1. help : Bot DM you with the command’s. NEW
  2. Git: Shows up the GitHub Repository!
  3. invite: Gives you the Bot invite link.
  4. wiki: Sends the bot Wiki Page.
  5. support : Gives you the Bot Support Server Link.


  1. meme: sends memes yayaya.
  2. ping: Bot replies with Pong!.
  3. beep : Bot replies with Boop!.
  4. rip : Bot send an attachement with the RIP Images.
  5. fruits : Bot Reacts with some Fruits.
  6. react: Bot will react with emoji.
  7. vegies: Bot will react with vegetables. NEW
  8. sad-react: Bot react with sad emojies. NEW
  9. happy: Bot react with Happy Emoji. NEW
  10. avatar : Bot send’s Your Current Profile Image.


  1. kick : This will Used to Kick the Member from the Server.
  2. ban: This will Permanently Bans the Member from the Server.
  3. prune : Used to delete message from the chat(from 1 to 99).

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