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Invite Pingu Bot to your server and enjoy Music commands, Youtube, Soundcloud, and more! Get the best music experience with Pingu Discord Bot.

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Pingu Discord Bot Described:

Pingu is a simple and easy to use Discord music bot offering high quality Music. Supporting Youtube, Soundcloud, and more!

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Prefixes of Pingu can be changed in your guild by pingu prefix

  • High quality, fast loading music
  • Clean and messages & GUIs
  • Utility commands
  • Fun & useful commands

General Commands

  • pingu about - More info about me
  • pingu prefix - Prefix management
  • pingu ping - Checks the bot’s latency
  • pingu invite - Send my invite link
  • pingu licenseinfo - Show info about Red’s Licenses
  • pingu contact - Contact Bramble for bugs and info

Utility Commands

  • pingu snapchat - Post a snapcode
  • pingu covid - Covid-19 statistics
  • pingu audiostats - Audio stats
  • pingu stats - Show info about the bot
  • pingu disk - More info about system storage
  • pingu avatar - Show user’s avatar
  • pingu emoji - Post a large size emojis in chat
  • pingu botinfo - Entire bot information
  • pingu discordstatus - Get current discord status
  • pingu alias - Manage command aliases.
  • vpingu customcom - Custom command management
  • pingu cleanup - Message deleting system
  • pingu audioset - Music configuration options

Guild Utility Commands

  • pingu whois - Display servers a user shares with the bot
  • pingu thetime - Displays current time of the server
  • pingu channelstats - Gets total messages in channel
  • pingu getroles - Displays all roles
  • pingu userlog - Manage user log settings
  • pingu guildedit - Edit various guild settings
  • pingu channeledit - Modify channel options
  • pingu guildemojis - Display all server emojis
  • pingu nummembers - Display number of users on a server
  • pingu topmembers - Lists top members on the server
  • pingu serverstats - Gets total messages on the server
  • pingu topic - Sets a specified channels topic
  • pingu restartvoice - Restart server voice region
  • pingu massmove - Move all members to a voice channel

Music Commands

  • pingu play - Play a URL or search for a track
  • pingu stop - Stop playback and clear the queue
  • pingu skip - Skip to the next track, or to a given track number
  • pingu np - Now playing
  • pingu queue - List the songs in the queue
  • pingu shuffle - Toggle shuffle.
  • pingu prev - Skip to previously played track
  • pingu search - Pick a track with a search
  • pingu seek - Seek ahead or behind on a track by seconds
  • pingu remove - Remove a specific track number from queue
  • pingu repeat - Toggle repeat
  • pingu playlist - Playlist configuration options
  • pingu genre - Pick a Spotify playlist from a list of categories
  • pingu percent - Percent Queue percentage.
  • pingu bump - Bump a track number to the top of the queue
  • pingu bumpplay - Force play a URL or search for a track
  • pingu summon - Summon the bot to a voice channel

Fun Commands

  • `pingu aesthetics - Returns inputed text in aesthetics
  • pingu ascii - Convert text into ASCII
  • pingu caption - Add caption to an image
  • pingu emojify - Replace characters in text with emojis
  • pingu flipimg - Rotate an image 180 degrees
  • pingu flop - Flip an image
  • pingu glitch - Glitch a gif or png
  • pingu gmagik - Attempt to do magik on a gif
  • pingu haah - Mirror an image vertically left to right
  • pingu hooh - Mirror an image horizontally bottom to top
  • pingu invert - Invert the colours of an image
  • pingu jpeg - Add more JPEG to an Image
  • pingu magik - Apply magik to Image(s)
  • pingu merge - Merge/Combine Two Photos
  • pingu minecraftachievement - Generate a Minecraft Achievement
  • pingu pixelate - Pixelate an image
  • pingu retro - Create a retro looking image
  • pingu retro2 - Create a retro looking image
  • pingu retro3 - Create a retro looking image
  • pingu rip - Generate tombstone image with name and optional text
  • pingu rotate - Rotate image X degrees
  • pingu sans - Generate an image of text with comicsans
  • pingu triggered - Generate a Triggered Gif for a User or Image
  • pingu tti - Generate an image of text
  • pingu vw - Add vaporwave flavours to an image
  • pingu waaw - Mirror an image vertically right to left
  • pingu watermark - Add a watermark to an image
  • pingu woow - Mirror an image horizontally top to bottom
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Pingu Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Pingu to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Pingu Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: pingu
Servers: unknown
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Created by: Bramble#0001