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Poké League Bot - Collect, trade, get rich with Markets, Teams, Trainer Levels and more... Invite Poké League Discord Bot to your server today!

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Poké League Discord Bot Described:

Collect, trade, get rich! Now with Markets, Teams, Trainer Levels, and more...

Change the prefix with !prefix [new symbol]
Get info with !help
! NOTE: Random Pokemon will spawn in channels as you chat!
Bot Settings
• !server - see your server information and settings.
• !nospawn - use this in a channel to disable spawns in certain channels.</br>
• !onlyspawn - want pokemon to only spawn in one of a few channels? Use this command and no other channels will have spawns.
Starting Your Adventure
• !setup - use this command to start your journey. The bot will ask you simple questions, and you will choose a starter pokémon!
• !ava - upload a new Avatar with this command at any time.
• !name [new name] - change Trainer Name.
• !starter - use this to check your starter or run the setup.
• !color [hex] - alter your custom color
• !colors - see hex color options.
• !gender [option] - set your character gender.
• !its [name] - answer a Who’s That Pokemon?
• !throw - throw a ball if a pokemon has spawned in that channel.
• !spawn - spawn a pokemon.
• !settings - see your catch settings.
Your Pokémon
• !me - see your profile.
• !bag - browse your bag.
• !bag [number] - see another page of pokemon.
• !bigbag - use this if your bag gets to be too big.
• !stars - your starred pokémon.
• !star [id] - star a pokemon so it won’t be sold without warnings.
• !unstar [id] - unstar a pokemon.
• !squad - view your team of pokemon.
• !squad [number] [id] - set a pokemon in your squad.
• !my [id] - inspect one of your pokemon.
• !poke [id] - inspect someone else’s pokemon.
• !cashin [id] - covert a pokemon to cash.
• !tradein [id] - covert a pokemon to essence.
• !sellall - convert all pokemon to cash.
• !tradeall - convert all pokemon to essence.
• !startop - star the top lvl pokemon of each species. Very handy!
• !startop only - star the top lvl pokemon of each species, and un-star all others.
• !shop - see the item shop.
• !buy item - buy something.
• !buy [number] item - buy many.
• !use item - use an item. Use Incense to spawn rare pokemon!
• !dex - open up your pokedex and see how many you’ve caught.
• !dex [name or id] - learn about a pokemon.
• !themes - see all the theme songs.
• !move [name or id] - move details.
• !voice [name or id] - hear pokemon voices/cries.
This bot is updated regularly, and exciting new features will be added such as battling and badges! Stay tuned in the Discord Server for updates, to report issues, and submit ideas!!!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Poké League Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Poké League to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Poké League Discord Bot' on this page.

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