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Prefix: poke
Created by: ⋆ 𝒩𝓎𝓋𝑜 ⋆#9955
Short link: discord.ly/pokeball
Pokéball is a discord bot that brings cute Pokemon to servers O_O
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What is this bot about?

The purpose of this bot is to entertain. When you send a command to the bot with the prefix poke (available commands below - send pokehelp for all the commands currently available), it sends back a text message of the person sending the message with the person mentioned. The bot then also sends a Pokémon image from a category associated with each command.

Bot Commands

Informational Commands
  • pokehelp help command. Shows all the commands
SFW Commands
  • pokehug @user sends a hug to another user
  • pokenom @user sends a nom to another user
  • pokecuddle @user sends a cuddle to another user
  • pokelick @user sends a lick to another user
  • pokekiss @user sends a kiss to another user
  • pokeboop @user sends a boop to another user
NSFW Commands
Note: These only work in NSFW channels
  • pokebang @user sends a bang to another user
  • pokesuck @user sends a bj to another user