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this a bot by legendarypotato#0861 made the 14/03/2020. this is a fun, random bot that is being updated daily, there is a support server for suggestions. hope you enjoy!

A bot made the 14/04/2020 with commands such as: +coinflip=flips a coin and says if it’s heads or tales, +worldstatus=shows thestatus of the world, +rickroll=rickrolls you, +pingmefarther=pings you, +randomword= says a random word, +ping= pong ,+pewds= shows a pic of pewdiepie, +honk=the enititled goose, +quack=shows a duck, +pun=says a random pun, +gosub=show a list of me and my friends youtube channels, +pizza=makes a ascii art of a pizza, +info= a short desciption of the bot, +invitelink= puts the link to invite the bot, +cat= makes garfield apear. the bot is being updated daily with new commands anyways hope you enjoy my bot!

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Prefix: +
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: legendarypotato#9574
Short link: discord.ly/potato-bot-2000