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Created by: DivideByNone#9640
Short link: discord.ly/qubot
QuBot is a multi-purpose bot with a focus on providing an advanced moderation toolkit, economy, utility, fun and a game called "Conquest".

Qubot Discord Bot

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A modern and simple to use discord bot application written in Python using the discord.py API wrapper.

QuBot is a multi-purpose bot. It was built with ease of use and modularity in mind - localization, module manipulation, bot customization, etc. QuBot is open source to allow for people to self-host and maintain their own instance of the bot. It was designed to act as a base for other bot applications.



A robust moderation toolkit. This bot offers features such as message purging, kick, ban/unban, soft ban, mute/unmute, slowmode, user reporting, user warnings, a server greeting/goodbye messaging system and a lot more.


Conquest is an RPG-like game mode that aims to heavily utilize the social aspect of Discord. Start by creating your settlement, invite your friends over and organize attacks against other people’s settlements. With the freedom to upgrade your settlement however you like, you can either turn your fort into an impenetrable fortress or your members into a hard-hitting siege weapon against enemy players. Is fighting not your fancy? You are in luck. Instead of fighting, you can focus on producing resources to later sell on the market!


The bot features a global Economy module where people can claim dailies, do a simple roll gamble and transfer money to other users.


QuBot offers commands to further enhance the social aspect of your discord server. In addition to that, the bot features a Dictionaries module with commands to look-up terms, synonyms, antonyms & ability to retrieve meanings of words and phrases from UrbanDictionary.


A list of all commands is available in the QuBot Documentation

You can also write q!help in one of the servers where an instance of the bot is present

Support Server

Discord Support Server : If you have any inquiries, suggestions, or just want to chat, feel free to join

My intentions are to support QuBot by occasionally pushing new versions. If the opportunity arises, I would like to grow a community which creates and supports third-party modules for the bot.