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An undertale textbox generator bot! Quote someone in an undertale textbox! Just say /help!


This is QuoteBot, a bot that can quote users in undertale / deltarune textboxes! If a user says something you want to quote, you can say quote <user> and then an optional character and expression and color* for that textbox!

Like this:

User1 : Greetings, my child.
User2 : /quote User1 toriel
Bot : a picture of an undertale textbox of Toriel saying greetings my child

The API used is made by Demirramon, the dev guide is here.

The bot has a help command also explaining this.

There is also some more commands :

  • You can use info to see some basic technical info on the bot
  • You can use suggest to provide suggestions to implement in the bot
  • There is a ping command to get response times for the APIs the bot uses

*The color command is only available to those accounts that have upvoted the bot, enter upvote for more info.

The bot has also been documented here.

The bot requires the message history permission to seek through message history to find what to quote, no message content is saved on the server.

The bot has a dashboard where custom sprites can be uploaded and downloaded and the prefix changed.

The bot only saves anonymized server ids for analytics, see this on more info on how it does it.

The support server is here.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the bot just showing a question mark?

This means you have entered a sprite which isn’t an actual sprite file, this might be because you’ve typed it in wrong or the sprite does not exist, for a list of sprites, see this site.

Why is it saying `format not supported`?

This means you have entered an expression that doesn’t exist, you might have typed it in wrong, an expression that works for one sprite might not work with others, for all expressions, see the above site and click on the character to see all the expressions for that character.

Why is the bot showing some letters as question marks?

The textbox generator uses 8 bit operator (most of the time) which is a font with not alot of character support, things like emojis won’t be supported by the font

Why is the bot constantly erroring?

This is probably a permissions error, the link has been updated to include more permissions for the bot, try reinviting it.


Prefix: / (or ping the bot)
Servers: 4.12k
Users: unknown
Created by: Aonan#0356
Short link: discord.ly/quotebot-6334