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Created by: Kevin H.#4229
Short link: discord.ly/r6reportbot
A simple bot to report [PC] "Rainbow Six Siege" players for anything. You can check players by their names for reports. Check it out!

The R6ReportBot is for all honest players who want to keep track of which suspicious players or those with negative behaviour have already been reported and who also want to see the reason for it. Since Ubisoft has been keeping a big secret about which players have been reported and banned, the bot remedies this by allowing users to report each player and thus create a list that can be viewed by them. In this database, the reported players are listed, together with the reasons for the report and the necessary evidence in the form of videos and pictures. Besides cheaters, you can also report Griefer or other players with negative behavior. The creator reserves the right to make possible changes.

Check it out: https://r6reportbot.r6community.de/bot/