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Prefix: c!
Created by: VAL#0001
Short link: discord.ly/rco-roblox-case-opener
A roblox item case opener bot that makes use of the Roblox catalog API

RCO - Roblox Case Opener!

RCO is a Roblox Case Opener bot that makes use the Roblox API<br>
Currently there are 4 case tiers with more planned!

Open cases and acquire some awesome loot… Or some not so awesome loot… Bacon hair again!?!?! Manage profit over budget, gamble with the bot and even trade with other users all to become the most valuble player!

There’s now pets you can adopt to help you gain money and even rebirthing!

Use c!help to view all the commands and feel free to join the support server to suggest new features or talk with others that enjoy the bot!

We are always updating!