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Created by: Jyguy#9535
A Discord Bot coded in the library Discord.js.


About the Owner

Hey, I'm Jyguy, the owner of this bot. Reknown includes 75+ commands, including moderation, leveling roles, starboard, and more. This bot is still in development, so if you do find a bug / unexpected performance, let us know in our Discord server, and I'll fix it up right away. You can directly contact me directly with my Discord Tag; ᴊʏɢᴜʏ#9535.

About the Bot

As I said earlier, this bot includes a lot of commands. More are to be added. For a list of them, type ?help and it will DM you. If you have DMs disabled, it will let you know and send you an alternative command list included in our website. All the features (Welcoming, Leveling, etc.) are optional, and can be toggled using ?config. If the bot goes offline randomly, don't panic. This is most likely due to restarts (host restarting for performance boost). If the bot is offline for a long period of time, let us know in our Discord server, and we will either put it back online or tell you what is happening. The Discord will contain all updates about the bot.