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Prefix: rb!
Created by: TXJ#5664
Short link: discord.ly/respects-bot
This bot allows you to pay your respects! Simply type "f"! See you guilds respect count and a total count of everyone!

Want to pay your respects in the chat? Just type “f”!

This bot will respond with a message like the following

The help command is rb!help

I created this bot so my friends and I don’t have to keep pasting in the meme, so why not make a bot? It’s simple and if anyone wants me to change anything on it just shoot me a pull request on the github page :)

It’s only in about 3 servers at the moment, but if you’d like to use this just give it an invite! :) Cheers!

@TXJ, has paid their Respects. :regional_indicator_f: :pray:
:bar_chart: <respect_count>```