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Retr0n is a security-based Discord API bot developed by SeismicCore to keep your guild safe! Its feature-rich commands will keep your server from having fifteen bots to only one!
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Meet Retr0n: a multi-purpose bot that will be the First and Last bot your server will ever need! Retr0n is a discord.js, and discord.py bot designed to be the only bot in your server! Tired of needing a thousand bots for things like Good and usable moderation, Economy and fun, as well as custom commands and all other features you have one bot for. Now with Retr0n, when you use =serverinfo the amount of `bots’ in your server will only be one. Unlike many multi-purpose bots though, we focus on quality to make sure all of our features will be just as rich as a bot that’s the only feature was that item. You may think than an economy-only bot will have a better economic system then a multi-purpose bot as it’s the only focus of the developer, but think again! Retr0n’s features are developed by SeismicCore, a development team where our developers each focus on a feature this way all of our bots services are very rich and the best around! Try Retr0n our on your server, and it’ll be the only bot you’ll ever need again!

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