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Invite RoAssist Bot to your server and enjoy its Fun commands, Giveaways, Moderation and Economy commands. Discover the power of RoAssist Discord Bot.
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RoAssist Discord Bot Described

: Giveaways, Moderation, Economy, Youtube, Fun and ROBLOX! Working inventory, robux currency, leveling and much more!

RoAssist is Giveaways, Moderation, Economy, Youtube, Fun and ROBLOX bot! Working inventory, robux currency, leveling and much more!

  • Giveaways
  • Moderation
  • Economy
  • Youtube
  • Fun commands
  • ROBLOX Verification
  • help - Shows help message
  • invite-link - Sends bot’s invite link
  • set-prefix - Sets new bot’s prefix
  • prefix - Shows bot’s prefix on the server
  • report (description) - Report bot’s glitch
  • kick (user) (reason) - Kicks user from the server
  • ban (user) (reason) - Bans user from the server
  • unban (user) (reason) - Unbans user from the server
  • clear (limit) - Delete a channel’s messages
  • mute (user) (reason) - Mutes a user
  • unmute (user) (reason) - Unmutes a user
  • user-info (user) - Gets information about the user
  • server-info - Gets information about the server
  • nuke - Nukes channel
  • roblox-user (username) - Gets information about ROBLOX user
  • setup-verify - Sets up ROBLOX verification system for your server
  • verify - Complete ROBLOX verification
  • start-giveaway - Starts giveaway
  • start-giveaway-short (winners) (time) (reward) - Short command to start giveaway
  • reroll-giveaway - Picks new winner of the giveaway
  • end-giveaway (message_id) - Ends giveaway
  • giveaway-list (page) - Shows all giveaways on the server
  • search-youtube (max_results) (name_of_the_video) - Searches for videos on youtube
  • how-cool (user) - Shows how cool user is
  • meme - Sends random meme
  • heads-or-tails - Heads or Tails game
  • embed (text) - Sends embed with your text
  • avatar (user) - Gets user’s avatar
  • set-suggestion-channel - Sets suggestion channel
  • remove-suggestion-channel - Remove suggestion channel
  • suggestion (suggestion) - Makes suggestion
  • earn-robux - Earn random amount of robux
  • stats - Shows your statistics
  • level-leaderboard - Display top 10 users with highest level
  • exp-leaderboard - Display top 10 users with highest amount of exp
  • robux-leaderboard - Display top 10 users with highest amount of robux
  • quiz - Complete quiz and earn robux
  • guess-the-number - Guess the number and earn robux
  • pay (user) (amount) - Pay someone robux
  • job-list (page) - Displays all jobs
  • go-to-job (job_name) - Get a job by using this command
  • work - Work and earn robux (only if you have a job)
  • shop (page) - Displays all available items that you can purchase
  • purchase-item (amount) (item_name) - Purchase item from the shop
  • sell-item (amount) (item_name) - Sell item for half price
  • inventory (page) - Displays your inventory
  • give-item (user) (amount) (item_name) - Give item to another user
  • daily-reward - Claim daily reward
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add RoAssist Discord Bot to my server?

You can add RoAssist to your Discord Server by pressing ‘Add RoAssist Discord Bot’ on this page.

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Prefix: !, @mention or custom
Servers: 62
Users: 46.6K
Created by: Just Dan#0001
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