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RE-LIVE THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Open a range of over 50 Crates, Answer RL Trivia Questions with a FULL Rocket League Based Levelling system, using items Gained from Opening Crates!
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Welcome to paradise! Not really, but close enough.
Whether you're new to the scene or miss the expensive Crates, this Bot has your addiction covered!
Gain Keys By Speaking
!open crates to your hearts content. 1:1 ODDS with Rocket League’s official crate chances.
!inv to check which items you’ve Gained
!trade to trade items with other Blokes. !tradeup to Tradeup the items to More useful items.
A FULL Levelling System, Inspired By Rocket League.
Useable Banners and Borders, Obtainable by Crates.
A progressive !daily to give you extra bonus’s for being active
!trivia command to Test Your Rocket League Knowledge to gain Esports tokens
And SO Much MORE

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.