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A simple, yet powerful dice roller bot that has many options for advanced dice rolling and initiative tracking
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WARNING: in order for this bot to work in your guild, it must have the following permissions in order to respond correctly, otherwise it won’t work for you: Read messages, Send messages, Embed links, Read message history, Add reactions

A simple, but powerful dice roller bot. What you can do with this bot:

  • roll any dice combination you want, and how many times you want;
  • roll any die with advantage (use max result from two rolls) or disadvantage (use min result from two rolls);
  • roll multiple dice combinations at once;
  • reroll specific values in you rolls;
  • check if your roll was successful or not;
  • track initiative, and more!


Command Description Usage examples
[r | roll] <expression> Roll any dice you want with specified options !roll, !roll d20+3
[a | adv] <expression> Roll all dice with advantage !adv, !adv d20+3
[d | dis] <expression> Roll all dice with disadvantage !dis, !dis d20+3

Available roll options

Option Description Usage examples
[a | adv | advantage] Roll dice with advantage !roll d20adv+5, !roll d20 d4 adv
[d | dis | disadvantage] Roll dice with disadvantage !roll d20dis+5, !roll d20 d4 dis
[r | rr | reroll] Reroll dice if the roll result is in a specific range of values !roll 2d6rr(1,2)+3
[round | ru | up] Round up any rational number in the expression !roll 3*(d20/5) d4/2 round
[floor | rd | down] Round down any rational number in the expression !roll 3*(d20/5) d4/2 floor
Nx (where N is any positive number) Roll all expressions N times !roll d20+5 2d6+3 3x

You can title your rolls as you want if necessary. Any text provided right after the dice expression will be considered as a title for this roll, unless this text is one of the options listed above. The title should not contain any number, or the bot will handle the text as a valid expression an likely will send you an error message. Usage example: !roll d20+d4+5>15 Attack with Bless 2d6+3 Damage if succeeded

You can also compare your rolls with any number you want. Available conditions: >, >=, <, <=, <>, =. Usage example: !roll d20+5>=10. All options listed above can be applied for such expressions too.

Initiative tracker

Command Description Usage examples
[init | initiative], [init | initiative] show Show current initiative order !init, !initiative show
[init | initiative] [new | create] Create a new initiative list !init new, !initiative create
[init | initiative] add <character's name> <initiative roll or value> Add a new character to the initiative list !init add Ranger d20adv+5, !initiative add Alex 15
[init | initiative] update <character's name> <new initiative value> Update character’s initiative !init update Ranger 21, !initiative update Alex 15
[init | initiative] [who | now | current] Show the character who is still acting in the initiative list !init who, !initiative now, !init current
[init | initiative] next Jump to the next character in the initiative list !init next, !initiative next
[init | initiative] [rm | remove] <character's name> Remove the character from the initiative list !init rm Ranger, !initiative remove Alex
[init | initiative] [start | play] Start a new encounter with current initiative list !init start, !initiative play
[init | initiative] stop Stop your current encounter !init stop, !initiative stop
[init | initiative] [del | delete] Delete your current initiative list !init del, !initiative delete

Character’s in the initiative list must have unique names. If you have multiple characters sharing the same name, you must use different names for each of them.

Help & Information

Command Description Usage examples
help Send a list of all available commands in DM !help
help <command name without prefix> Send a proper usage example of any given command in DM !help settings prefix, !help roll

Bot settings

Prefix settings

Command Description Usage examples
settings prefix, settings prefix show Show prefix for the guild in which this command was executed !settings prefix, !settings prefix show
settings prefix set <your custom prefix> Set prefix for the guild in which this command was executed !settings prefix set dr!, !settings prefix set "~cool prefix"
settings prefix reset Set prefix for the guild in which this command was executed to default !settings prefix reset
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