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The fun bot for purposing entertainment, enjoy, and user experience for Discord users, made by Rozi Vector.

Official First release - 31th October 2018

r!help, show help commands

r!tails, get a random image of Miles Tails Prower.

r!avatar [@Username], show the avatar someone or yourself

r!userinfo [@Username], show the user information someone or yourself

r!serverinfo, Get the server information

r!rabbit, get a cute random rabbit images.

r!cream, get a random image of cream the rabbit.

r!hack, Start playing fun hack game.

r!reverse (your text), send a reverse text message

r!meter (characteristic), test a skill of characteristic that you have in percent %

r!guild, how many I have joined the server.

r!ping, count the ping how long bot respond to the discord

r!flip, play with flip a coin

r!say (your text), Repeats what you just typed

r!roll, roll a dice

r!number, generate your random number (range: 0-100)

r!support, Support My bot development

r!invite, Invite bot into your server

r!prefix, Custom prefix for your command in the guild.

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