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An RPG bot, you can change your username, the enemys, It have a shop, you can Also use ?help to see the help! Bye
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?invite ?server-info ?monsterpedia ?info ?battle (mention user) ?kill-bat ?shop (wip, see the shop) ?buy potion(buy an potion) ?use potion(use the potion) ?help (lol is this command) ?remove1 (name) ?avatar ?credit (view who created this awesome bot) ?eat ?slay ?clean ?clans(see the clans) ?raid(its not an bad Raid ok? is an pve, your friends vs an monster) ?add clan(you can type ?add clan2, ?addclan3, ?add clan3, but you need admin!) ?profile(see your profile!) ?inventory(see your inventory) ?npc battle(gain reputation, coins, and you gain If you loose too(lazy creator)) $tournament (number)(the First tournament you cant do 1 is only ?tournament) ?daily(daily coins) ?weekly(weekly coins)

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