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High quality Discord music bot with FREE audio effects and stays 24/7 on voice channel! Supports YouTube, Spotify and more!
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Sayu is a music-based discord bot! High quality music and easy to use interface are its prime features!

Music commands available are: .play <songname> to play songs, .stop to stop playing songs, .pause to pause currently playing songs, .resume to resume the paused songs, .search to search multiple songs, .seek to go forward, .replay to replay current playing song any many more awesome commands!

Note: More commands are also available, Type .help

24/7 is enabled by default once the bot joins the voice channel! Due to downtimes, it may get disconnected.

Many song effect commands like bassboost, 3d, nightcore, 16d, purebass and many more.
Miscellaneous commands are also available.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.