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Full ScykohBot Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Utility commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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ScykohBot Discord Bot Described:

A small yet helpful bot I created for use for Scykoh's server, but decided to make it public.
IMPORTANT: (don’t invite my bot if you’re not going to use it or you’re mass-inviting bots to maximize your population. I want my bot to be put to actual good use instead of my resources wasted for no reason)

ScykohBot was a bot originally created for Scykoh’s discord server, but I decided to make it public due to requests from other users.

ScykohBot is mainly a utility bot, and I try to make unique features as well. It can also be used for moderation, fun, or just generally being a helpful bot.

Some features (but not limited to):

  • A fully-fledged Pokédex command, showing information about all 898 Pokémon.
  • A Nintendo Network ID Mii viewer, where you can view the Mii of an NNID.
  • A Minecraft Skin viewer, showing the skin of the provided IGN.
  • A Friend Code system, where you can enter in your friend codes so other people can see them.
  • Detailed help page. Almost every command is documented in the help page.
  • No premium features. None. I want ScykohBot to be free to use for everyone.
  • The ability to change the prefix for an entire server. Just in case the prefix does manage to conflict with another bot… somehow.
    …and many more.

I also take suggestions for my bot if you want to help contribute.
I spend a lot of time developing ScykohBot and trying to make it as user-friendly as I can, but not a lot of servers use it. I hope that my bot can be useful to you.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add ScykohBot Discord Bot to my server?

You can add ScykohBot to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add ScykohBot Discord Bot' on this page.

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